BioTherm Energy is Africas Independent Power Producer (IPP) with nearly 400 MW of wind and solar projects in construction in South Africa and Kenya. Backed by the world’s leading emerging markets investor Actis, BioTherm Energy is investing in wind and solar projects across the African continent.

Local renewable energy developers

BioTherm has the unique ability to fully develop renewable energy projects in-house with experts in site development, financing and construction management and operations. The BioTherm Energy is focusing on expanding our strong resource projects as well as working with governments, local partners and industry associations to extend renewable energy commitments across the continent.

Thanks to the abundance of natural resources, the African continent is well suited to harness these resources into much needed power supply. With a significant increase in power demand and a decrease in production capability, renewable energy is a great solution for the continent’s growing power generation needs.


BioTherm Energy is committed to demonstrating leadership in responsible renewable energy investment across Africa, harnessing opportunities for long term transformational impact in the communities and countries in which we operate, and setting an example for the effective management of our environmental and social impacts.