About Us

BioTherm Energy is an African renewable energy development platform. It is one of South Africa’s leading renewable energy developers and has three operational wind and solar projects allocated under the SA Renewable Energy Independent Power Producers (REIPPP) Program. With the company having recently secured four Zambian PPA’s as well as being shortlisted in the Ugandan Get Fit solar facility, it is actively expanding its activities throughout the rest of the continent, focusing on wind and solar project development, financing, construction and operations.

Founded in 2003, BioTherm Energy’s objectives were initially focused on the development of gas and waste heat cogeneration projects. The company has transformed itself into an African renewable energy development platform and independent power producer.

Who Is BioTherm?

A proud African company, BioTherm is a strong advocate for expanding the renewable energy sector, not just as an energy source but as an integral part of economic, environmental and social aims for a respective country. The management at BioTherm strongly believes in the enormous potential of renewable energy on the African continent and the role it has to play in the continent’s growing economy. BioTherm has the unique ability to fully develop renewable energy projects in-house with experts in site development, financing and construction management amongst other things.

BioTherm is working on multiple fronts to ensure that a constant supply of renewable energy can be brought into the African market. The company is focusing on expanding their development pipeline with strong resource projects as well as working with governments, local partners and industry associations to extend renewable energy commitments across the continent. At present, the development of wind and solar energy is progressing at a staggering pace. Thanks to the abundance of natural resources, the African continent is well suited to harness these resources into much needed power supply. With a severe increase in power demand and a decrease in production capability, renewable energy is a great alternative solution for the continents power generation needs.

BioTherm Energy is a company of many firsts in the South African market:

BioTherm aims to continue to play a major role in the growth of private power generation in Africa.

  • First company to monetize carbon credits
  • First company to complete a project financing of a renewable energy project
  • First South African company to secure three renewable energy projects in the REIPP program
  • First and the largest renewable energy investment on the African continent by an international investor

Our Current Projects

Aries Solar 10MW
Konkoonsies Solar 10MW
Dasiesklip Wind 26MW
PetroSA Waste Gas 4MW
Aggenys Solar 40MW
Konkoonsies II Solar 75MW
Excelsior Wind 32MW
Golden Valley Wind 100MW

Our Clients