BioTherm Construction Management Services

Experience In Engineering, Procurement And Construction

BioTherm throughout its projects in South Africa and in the rest of Africa is selecting, negotiating and supervising the EPC contractors that are building and commissioning the plants that BioTherm develops and invests in. BioTherm makes sure to create competition between the different EPC contractors available on the market, through tender process if need be, in order to guarantee the best EPC price possible for each project that the company is developing. It has developed long-lasting relationships with a number of EPC contractors, including companies specialized in rooftop PV. So far, BioTherm has successfully supervised the EPC contractors for its 4 projects in operation totaling 53MW and is finalising the negotiations of the EPC contracts for its four projects in development in South Africa totaling 283MW.

To leverage on BioTherm’s experience and success with the implementation of solar farms in an emerging economy, especially the understanding of key interfaces between project parts prior, during and post construction, BioTherm will support its technical partner/s during the construction stage with the following project integration activities:

  • Project and Construction Management: support to the EPC Contractor with respect to applicable industry best practises and standards and facilitating progress assessment meetings with governmental, technical and local stakeholders as required.
  • Contract Management: contract administration support.
  • Design Management: technical opinions on design, capitalising on industry best-practice and as part of the quality assurance process.
  • Project Environmental and Socio Economic Requirements and Considerations Management: support to address ongoing renewable energy projects environmental and socio economic issues via a dedicated in-house environmental management team.