Our Sustainability Approach and Philosophy

We are committed to demonstrating leadership in responsible renewable energy investment across Africa, harnessing opportunities for long term transformational impact in the communities and countries in which we operate, and setting an example for the effective management of our environmental and social impacts.

Our philosophy is to ensure that Environmental, Social and Governance considerations are firmly embedded in our management philosophy and approach such that all decisions are informed by these considerations.  Our aim is to be net positive in everything we do.

We translate this philosophy into action through:

  • Having a highly resourced, effective and forward-looking team committed to managing ESG impacts in a way that results in financial resilience, sustainability of investments and that maximises latent, currently unharnessed opportunities from our investment in people and the environment.
  • Identification of priority, material impacts and the investment in upfront planning, strategizing and systems-creation to ensure that issues are addressed proactively wherever possible, with a view to effecting long term, transformational impact
  • Adopting a deeply collaborative, consultative, partnership approach, promoting transparency in the management of ESG issues at multiple levels to address project-level and sectoral needs
  • Monitoring and evaluation of outcomes, and opportunities for ongoing future improvements.

We commit to robust risk management and sustainable value creation

  • It is our duty as a responsible developer to systematically identify, assess, manage and monitor our risks and impacts such that best practice is simply business as usual
  • As a clean energy company, we will measure and communicate our inherent positive environmental impact. In addition, we will seize every opportunity for further environmental benefit

We commit to respecting our host communities and investing in them in a manner that facilitates long term transformational impact. It is imperative that we also provide all of our employees with a sound work environment

  • We aim to effectively acknowledge any risk of negative social impacts in our host communities and create best practice solutions for mitigation and management in partnership with affected stakeholders
  • We design community investment programmes, with a focus that fully respects the local context and catalyses long term impact for our stakeholders
  • We focus on empowerment through education, skills and enterprise development
  • We also commit to ensuring that all our employees are part of a respectful, fair, safe, healthy and rewarding working environment

Governance and Integrity
We commit to conducting our business with integrity, transparency and respect for the principles of good corporate governance through:

  • creating and embedding an ethical culture in our organisation through leading by example
  • improving performance and increasing the value created
  • ensuring there are adequate and effective controls in place
  • building trust between all stakeholders
  • working to ensure that the organisation is a well-respected corporate citizen, and
  • ensuring legitimacy